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One of our main programs focuses on connecting professional actors with underfunded schools to provide disadvantaged youth with an opportunity to grow their acting skills. This program is 100% virtual and provides youth with an opportunity to express their true selves.

Why is this program important?

  • Many schools in low-income neighborhoods don’t have established arts-based programs. Most schools focus more on ensuring that their students pass exams focused on the core curriculum, rather than the arts.

  • Acting classes are expensive! The arts, specifically acting, is an opportunity that ALL students should have access to regardless of someone’s gender, race, and most importantly, economic background.

  • Below is how much an average acting class costs (in London):

    • On-going acting class (per month): $200-$300 / £180-£350

    • Commercial class (2 months): $350-$500 / £250-£550

    • Improvisation class in top schools, L.A.: $500

    • Improvisation class in London (regular, per month): £70-£250

    • Screen acting (on camera) class (1 month): $300 / £150-£500

    • Additional workshops (per workshop): $50-$150 / £35-£80

Why this program now?

  • All students have been impacted by COVID-19, however, low-income students have been hit the hardest. With the ongoing uncertainty with the pandemic, The Education Collaborative strives to provide students with on-going opportunities in the arts for low-income youth. By creating and fostering a safe space for students to share their passion of the arts, we can ensure that students not only grow their acting skills, but grow as human beings as well.

Pictures coming soon.

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