The Next Young Leaders Program is an all-new program focused on providing high school seniors with an opportunity to receive a mentorship throughout the college application process and a scholarship towards their college education.​

This year, we're giving out over $30,000 in scholarship money to students.


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The Education Collaborative is a non-profit organization focused on breaking down socioeconomic barriers in education.

With the onset of COVID-19, funding for education as a whole has been decreased greatly. Our goal is to provide disadvantaged youth with access to high-quality virtual programming.

The high school division of The Education Collaborative, the Literacy Initiative (, works to create and foster virtual programs such as one-on-one tutoring and various educational events.

Prior to COVID-19, the Literacy Initiative hosted an in-person Books & Cookies program which provided economically disadvantaged youth with an after-school program focused on increasing reading proficiency and overall youth development.

Since 2017, the Literacy Initiative has distributed over 35,000 books and supported over 27,000 disadvantaged youth across the world.

Contact Haley Zimmerman or Delaney Nold for inquiries regarding the Literacy Initiative.

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